Synthetic Opals

Pictures of Synthetic Opals and Synthetic Impregnated Opals

Synthetic Opals in Different Varieties

Synthetic Opals with a vivid Play-of-Color

Synthetic Opals . . .

with different patterns


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Synthetic Impregnated Opals with a Non-Directional Pattern Synthetic Opals - Black Opal, White Opal, Crystal Opal & Fire Opal

Coarse and Fine Crystalline Opals with a Non-Directional Play-of-Color

Synthetic Opals and Synthetic Impregnated Opals

Opals with a Coarse Crystalline and Non-Directional Pattern Vivid Play-Of-Color

White and Black Opals

Cut Opals (Cabochons)

Black Opal

Rough Black Opals (Picture & Video)

White Opal

Opal Plate (Picture & Video)
Orange Synthetic Impregnated Opal (Opal Rings)
Synthetic Impregnated Opal - Blocks

Orange Opal

Rough Opal and Rings (Pictures & Video)
Orange Aurora Opal - Pattern
Aurora Opal - Orange Opal

Blue and White Opal

Teardrops and Opal Rings

Opal Rings and Bangle

Cut and Polished Opals

Opal Handles

Polished Opals (Picture & Video)

Black Opals


Yellow Opal

Opal Rings (Picture & Video)

Opals as Inlays

Polished Opals (Picture & Video)
Rough Opal (Synthetic Impregnated Opal)
Blue Synthetic Impregnated Opal (Pattern)

Blue Opal

Rough Blue Opal (Pictures & Video)

Violet Opal

Polished Opal (Picture & Video)